Interested to know how all this started?

Back in 2008, our founders have their first cream and trial about E-commerce in the Middle East, This is when maktoob was something like Ebay!

In 2014 we started our official first E-commerce websites, we put efforts and intelligence in sourcing products, running the website, answering customer service, hiring web developers expanding operations and contracting courier companies, spending on digital marketing, and all things between,

The First Pivot

We noticed how hard we try, still big marketplaces are beating us although our prices and personal service are far better! We realized it’s the game of the deeper pockets.

So we took a battering decision to change course instead of having them as competitors, let’s make them as channels and start offering our product to sell through them!

That was an immediate hit

because of our tremendous experience selling in our own website, and sourcing good products with good prices, we have quickly became among the best sellers, sales start to grow massively to exceed 500 orders a day with a team of 5!

The Second pivot

 That was beyond the capability of our small team!  So we scaled down operations started to build our own software system, we put all what we have learned, and all what we were doing in tens of excel sheets and operational scope of works, into one of a kind system! Then we grow global to sell in Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, CANADA, MEXICO, JAPAN, GERMANY, FRANCE, ITALY, SPAIN

We couldn’t believe our eyes that from our own couch we are getting an order from Japan! And then the customer gives us a god review as well!

Present: the birth of Yaqoot E-commerce as a service

Our founders have realized something magical:

  • This is very scalable!
  • This is global!
  • This needs a lot of technology and data analysis.
  • Very few people possess such knowledge and technology.

So we have decided to open this to the world, this is too precious to keep it for ourselves only! And we come up with the “Triple-A Promise” AAA promise! Democratizing E-commerce and making it available at its best shape to anyone without the hassle of Technology, logistics, huge investments, and huge teams … and we are still learning!